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Kira Zeltcerman

A passionate people operations PRO

with over 15 years of experience in Training & HR.

Known as a trusted advisor and coach,

who is confident for all personnel.

Practicing facilitation methodologies.


16 years in Trainings

10 years in HR

4 years in Hr&Training consulting

17 clients, more then 20 projects|

conducted programs

2 years in Facilitation

11 years Team management

Experienced corporate business trainer (Soft skills, management skills)

with good re-order rate. Facilitator.


  • HR BP consulting projects (HR systems, personnel development)

  • TOP Org consulting /Org development advise.

  • Close work with teams to pick up the most Effective Teamwork framework/ tr&d/processes/communication style.

  • Management skills (24 hours) training program for planing, delegation, motivation, control, communication, feedback, leadership

  • Advanced Management skills training (12hours) program coaching, typologies and communication styles etc

  • Best practises in soft skills (trainings,workshops, etc)

  • Facilitation of strategic, team sessions

  • MentalHealth technics trainings and supporting groups

My approach

Interaction means development for us. If interaction is effective - we grow faster. The variety of tools in practical and theoretical psychology is a basis that should become available to everyone who wants to move forward.

I will help you to select the tools that are more appropriate for your own case. There is a wide range of methods, in one case a training may be required  in another a script for business communication can be enough.  This is why you may need some guidance in selecting the tools most appropriate for your situation. I will direct you in search for insights by  asking questions or studying successful cases. I can also recommend personal therapy or coach consultation depending on your needs.


My super power is the ability to implement comprehensive approach by offering tools  necessary  in solving different psychological issues in  business communication.

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