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Hi, I’m Olesya

Olesya Psychotherapy

I’m counselling psychotherapists and the psychologist team lead.

I'm specialised as CBT, ACT (and FACT) psychotherapist. And use mindfulness, positive and solution-focused therapy as well. 

A Cognitive Behavioural Therapist's main role is to help people identify their thoughts and behaviours, specifically regarding their relationships, surroundings, and life, so that they can influence those thoughts and behaviors for the better. 

Every person makes a difference in a world that is constantly changing.

What positive action can you take today? What goals and dreams do you want to realize?


Whether you’re dealing with something small, or something big.
In your work or in your personal life, psychological help is accessible.

We start with free introductory video session to get to know each other. To find out what’s going on and to develop an action plan together.

The sessions take 30 minutes.

Normally 3-5 consults will be enough to solve the problem.​

We will focus on prevention and sustainable (behavioural) change, and will work together to find ways of reacting differently to thoughts and feelings, for example by challenging negative thoughts, and to focus on what is really important in your life and what you value.

If you take good care of psychological well-being, psyche will become stronger, more flexible, and able to recover. And I will be always there for you with small or big requests in challenging times. 

If I’ll notice that another health care professional is needed, I’ll be happy to guide you towards the right person or discuss alternatives. ChillCounselling works with a number of psychologists.  

It often helps when you share your thoughts, emotions and challenges with another person.



I obtained my Master’s degree in Social Psychology.

After a few years of work in the organisational assessment center and trainings, moved to the field of marketing and business management, where successfully worked in different roles, combining my work with development in paragliding sport, travel and life in different countries and cultures.

CEO of own startups, at some point, my work intersected with psychology again, which leaded me in a new direction and gave me a push to develop as psychologist. 

I use this combination of knowledge and experience to help people work through a broad range of issues. 

I believe that mental health help must be accessible to everyone on a daily basis. It is important to know how to deal with challenging feelings; to train psyche to become more flexible, and able to recover; to learn how to see wider. 

Together we boost activation and increase work performance

by improving mental well-being.

Zen Garden

The key to sustainable change is daily practice. As we eat&sleep, brush our teeth and doing sports, it’s also crucial for our psyche to be cared for every day.

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