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To make sure that everyone is supported mentally and emotionaly 


Ensure your team can communicate with each other, overcome problems and boost productivity


Clarify goals, grow responsibility and hit the potencial

Our super power - versatile review & solution based on all psy-aspects

How soft skills training can benefit

any business?


Investing in employee professional growth pays off by loyalty and effectivity. Reduce the need to hire and train replacement staff - retain more talents.

 Customer Service

Employees will be able to actively listen, establish your customers’ needs, identify problems, and help them resolve it. They are also likely to have more compassion and empathy, which can have a large positive impact. 

Business Processes

Communication, conflict resolution etc underpin almost every facet of business operations. In every business unit and employee role, soft skills are crucial for building a stronger team dynamic.

All of the most 

in-demand Soft Skills can be trained and developed




Time management

Problem solving

Teams management

Emotional intelligence​

Invest in mental well-being and start saving

Average number of sick leave days (associated with anxiety and mental problems)  per year 5.4 = 1350 euro annual sick leave costs per employee. According to National Institute of Mental HealthBustleAnxiety and Depression Association of America.

Sand Texture

Reduce absenteeism

Poor mental health is one of the most common reasons for staff to call in sick (according to NHS data).

Boost productivity

With comprehensive support system, the staff will seek the help before it can impact productivity.

Retain your staff

A business is nothing without great employees. The more support they get, the more loyal they are.

Professional guidance​



M.Sc, Psy.S., Ed.S, 15+ years in business&communications, in Private Practice (third wave CBT techniques)



M.Sc, Psy.S., Ed.S, 16 years in Trainings, 10 years in HR


Anastasia Izumskaya


Сertified Сoach (Erickson Couching International), CEO of the Psychological help project for families.


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